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by Max Cummings

Four friends from DC take a side road on their way home from a competitive shooting seminar. The lonely two-lane highway takes them deep into the back woods of West Virginia, and potentially to their demise. If they stick it out, though, they might just discover the mother lode...at The Gold Mine.

Four friends who are on a five-day how-to training seminar for competitive shooting decide to cut loose on Friday night. There's nothing to do in the sleepy Virginia town they've been staying for the seminar, so before they head back to DC, they decide to take a side trip into West Virginia to chase some girls. The friends make a unique bet...$150 is on the line, but it's pride, humor and adventure that are the real prize...or so they thought. Just before they roll into the nearest town of any size, an interesting sign catches their attention, so they decide to turn off and follow the arrow for the promise of adventure. The road they turn off on leads them into the backwoods of West Virginia, further and further away from town. What they find down this lonely stretch of two-lane highway will surprise and amaze them as they discover a gem tucked away from the outside world. They're sure it's going to get them robbed or killed by backwoods locals, but there might just be something to their liking if they follow through...they might just discover the mother lode...at The Gold Mine.

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