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by Karl Kesel

Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece: Apart from Indy’s flowery journal entries, that he delivers a baby in a blizzard while a giant serpent of Hecate prepares to strike, that he offers the baby as a sacrifice, that the villain is a caricatured Dutchman whose villainy is obvious + the usual handful of Nazis, and that Indy dunks himself and his hat in a vat of olive oil and the latter comes out totally unscathed, Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece is actually not horrible. The action is fast, the story is short (mercifully) and the art is good. And who doesn’t love people mocking Indy about his name (besides me)?

Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil Gary Gianni’s pencils are the best in the Omnibus, and this tight little adventure is faithful to Indiana Jones as a character, but as with many of the Indiana Jones comics, it embraces the cheesy side of Indy a little too much (e.g. the obligatory buffoon, Caspar Zzyzx). Dumb little jokes and a ridiculous cameo from Amelia Earhart are the most annoying bits of the story, but it’s a good way to kill twenty minutes if you’re an Indy fan.

Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix This story is embarrassingly bad. There is no pacing; it feels like Indy’s circling the globe simply because he’s supposed to (the trip to Ireland with the crazy druids is probably the worst part), and then the story turns into something stolen from an old Captain America comic, with a Nazi bad guy who should be called the Purple Skull. Oh yeah, there’re zombies too. For about three or four frames. And the most annoying part of all is that the writer has Indy say “Natch!” at least two separate times. That doesn’t sound like Indy to me, and it shouldn’t to anyone else who cares about the character. What a joke.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of DestinyBetter plot, better pace, better use of established characters, particularly Indy, and just better in every department but pencils than the first three stories in the Omnibus. But ... I was driven crazy by Brendan O’Neal, the pain in the ass, ginger Irish bartender turned archaeology assistant turned true king of Ireland. He was written like a leprechaun without a hat, rainbow and pot of gold. He wrecked an otherwise decent story with his presence.

Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates Thank the gods. A tale that redeems the Omnibus. Strong art, creative story, a memorable villain in pirate Bill Lawton, a pair of interesting sidekicks, and NO NAZIS! And that last strength is a huge plus. Using Nazis as the go to villain in Indiana Jones stories is understandable, but it becomes very boring, very fast. It’s one of the reasons I love Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom so much. No nazis.Sargasso Pirates was an excellent way to end this otherwise poor excursion into the adventures of Indiana Jones. I hope the next Omnibus is better.

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