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by John W. Young

Reviews of the first edition:'The best summary I have read of the post-war history of the European question.' - History Today'This book will be invaluable for students both of post-war British history and politics and European integration in general.' - Political StudiesWhy did Britain not become a founder-member of the European Community in 1957? Why was it unable to join the Community in the 1960s? Why, since entering the Community in 1973, have British governments so often appeared uncommitted to a European future?This classic book has established itself as the most valuable introduction to the subject of Britain's tortuous and sometimes baffling relationship with the process of European integration. Now fully revised and updated, it provides an excellent and comprehensive survey of British policy towards European unity from 1929, when a French foreign minister first suggested a 'European federation', to 1999, when the Euro, the common European currency, was launched. The main focus of this book is the development of government policy after 1945, but attention is also paid to political parties, pressure groups, the press and public opinion. The author uses evidence from government archives, as well as the memoirs and diaries of those involved directly in these events.This concise volume provides an introduction not only to the main episodes in British policy towards European unity, but also to the debates on the subject between politicians, political scientists and historians. It also seeks to provide a general explanation for British doubts about European integration, despite the country's membership of the European Community for over two decades.

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ePub British and European Unity 1945-1999
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