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by Jack Weyland

Megan is a normal young woman who longs to be popular and have a boyfrind. Whe she meets Kurt, she goes against her better judgment and begins to hang out with him, giving in to his increasing demands. Upon finding herself pregnant with him as the father, Kurt brushes her off and instead of taking responsibility, decides to hang out with his friends. It is up to Megan, then, to decide whether or not to keep the child or to put it up for adoption, giving it the chance to have the family she believes he or she deserves. As Megan struggles with her decision, she rediscovers the power of love and hope in the Mormon faith she had been ignoring for so long. With the gospel to light her way, Megan feels that she can find triumph is her tragedy and receive forgiveness from her family and from God. This story deals tastefully with the subject of teen pregancy but makes connections that seem far-fetched. It is hard to believe Megan's pregnancy was the direct result of her wearing an immodest tank top, yet this is the bridge that Weyland makes. This book tries too hard, and Megan's poor choice almost overshadows her decision to come back to the church. This could, however, be a good book for both teenaged girls and guys to read to let them know the seriousness of sexual intimacy and what the subsequent pain that results from straying from what one knows to be true.

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