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by Emily Post

This book is an essential read for almost everyone, period. If you go outside your house, open your curtains, answer your phone, or even reply to your mail, electronic or otherwise, this book is for you. If you want a primer on manners because you feel like youre not doing the right thing in a social situation, this book is for you. The only reason you shouldnt have this book is if you have so little contact with other people that you would not even be on the internet reading this review in the first place. When most people imagine whats inside a book like this, they see detailed instructions on how many inches the dinner fork must be from the salad fork, how many seconds one is required to wait before answering the phone, and how many inches of shoelace should hang off the side of ones sneakers. Emily Posts Etiquette is nothing like that. She emphasizes that changing times have put the heart of good manners where they belong: In the spirit of courtesy and respect for others.

What you should get from this book by reading it is the confidence to deal with lifes difficult situations, and the grace to be polite even when others are not. What everyone else should get from this book is a little bit better world, where at least one more person can lead with a good example.

These potential benefits alone are enough to merit this books recommendation. I encourage you to pick up a copy and find out for yourself just how much you can get from it.

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ePub Etiquette - The Original Classic Edition
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