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by مسعود بهنود

Set mainly during the time of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar in Iran, the stories of this book are true stories about people and events that once everyone remembered but with the passing of time they have slipped from memory. One may wonder about what impact these stories will have if they are told again; whether people will remember them; and if they will get the attention they once had. The answer to these questions was the temptation behind this compilation. It led to an effort to bring these memories back to the forefront of people s minds. The hope is that people will eventually love them again the stories as well as the story makers. These stories are not fiction; some parts do have traces in history though they are not history either. The people in these stories were once well known but now their memory is buried under years and years of history. They can be likened, more than anything else, to old photographs in which faces are distorted by creases and the colors tarnished. Someone has made an effort to retouch them and brighten the rusty colors to his taste. But in the eyes of the beholder, the picture may sometimes appear as a true version of reality of our world or a reflection of an amateur painter s imagination.

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