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by Henri Pirenne

First of all, Routledge should be ashamed of the Kindle version which has clearly never been touched by the hand or eyes of an editor.It was apparently OCRed and then thrown on line with nary a look.On top of that, the pagination is all wrong.The Table of Contents shows more than 600 pages but the book itself shows 300 something pages—and I'm talking actual pagination, not pages that would be changed by the font.I checked and all the sections match but the pages are wrong.

As for the book, I'm afraid I found myself lost more often than not.But since I'm also terribly lost while reading a book about Syria, I'm not sure if it is the book or me.Note: The reviewer who mentioned the prejudice against Germany was spot on (Pirenne was a prisoner during WWI of Germany and wrote the book while captive).Anyway, I'm reluctant to give the book less than 3 stars (though it would get a 1 for editing) because I'm unsure of the reason for my confusion.If you've heard good things about the book and have an interest in the period, give it a try.Maybe your brain is less muddled than mine.

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