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by Mike Falzone

After watching Mike's videos I was really interested in reading his book. I thought it would have the same tone as his videos.If I knew him personally I might have been able to associate the voice in the book with his voice, but I don't know him personally, I just like watching him walk around his neighbourhood talking shit about the human race.The voice is the book isn't really like the voice of his videos.The tone is the same, but I think the way he phrases things in the book wouldn't translate well to video.

That being said, the book was still great in it's own right.My favourite chapter was "You're not invited to the wedding because you're acting like a tool," and that's probably because that's where I am in life. I hear a lot of people waxing nostalgic for the way things used to be, and yet we're all still drifting apart - and I know the people who are stuck and who resent everyone else for moving the fuck on.It was like he wrote it from my perspective, which goes to show that what we think are the things that are only happening to us are actually universal occurrences.

I think that's what's great about the whole book.It's shit that we all know is true, and if you don't know it's true, you're a pretentious asshole who needs to stop taking himself so seriously.These are universal truths. Kids smell funny, you shouldn't pay attention to the shit you hate but focus on the shit you love, glitter is awesome but also a bitch, don't grow up too fast and miss the awesome world of adolescence happening around you... and learn to laugh about the things that piss you off.

I'm gunna leave it in my bathroom so people can go in there and think they're doing some light reading on the can, while in reality I'm just letting Mike tell them the things I don't have the balls to say, like "SHUT UP! Never stop shutting up!"

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