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by Richard Connell

A Goodreads Pop Quiz:

QUESTION: What do Gilligan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Homer Simpson and this Star Trek alien** have in common?

ANSWER (select the one that best applies):

1. None of them could act their way out of a puff of smoke.

2. They all starred in adaptations of Richard Connell’s famous short story “The Most Dangerous Game.”

3. They are all very happy NOT to be Jan Michael Vincent.

4. All of the above.

Yes, it was an easy, soft ball of a question; the correct answer is 4.

**Removing the last vestiges of doubt regarding my nerdness, the alien is "Tosk" from the Star Trek DS9 episode, “Captive Pursuit.”


Given the number of movies and TV shows that have adapted the plot of this story, I feel dumb even summarizing it. Therefore, I will be brief, like Kim Kardashian's marriage.

Big game hunting expert and luminary, Sanger Rainsford, falls off his yacht in the Caribbean and winds up on the island of Dr. Moreau General Zaroff and his towering, gigantinormous Cossack servant Ivan. General Zaroff, a fellow hunter and admirer of Rainsford has grown bored with the ease of murdering even the most dangerous of big game.

Removing his moral compass and setting it behind the glass of rationalization never to be touched again, the General has cured his malaise by tracking and hunting soylent green people.

Next target….Rainsford.


Intelligent, well-written and a lot of fun. General Zaroff is a wonderful nemesis and Connell’s development of him at the beginning of the story was impressive. He could have been content to portray Zaroff as a one-dimensional, cardboard sociopath,but Connell gives the general depth and a backstory. This does not excuse or provide a basis for acceptance of Zaroff’s actions, but it does make him relatable and thus far more sinister. He is cold, detached and brutal but he is also well educated, polite and a rugged class of gentlemen who has, if not a sense of honor, at least a sense of good sportsmanship. All of this simply makes Zaroff appear more diabolical.

Rainsford for his part is tough, clever and competent and provides a suitable counter-point to Zaroff in the tale. Rainsford navigates the plot effectively and makes reasoned decisions without inducing pangs of “don’t do that idiot” from the reader. He is a more than worthy adversary for the General.

Oh, and I loved the ending of the story. I thought it was appropriate and subtle and perfectly in keeping with the tone of the story.

To put a line at the bottom of this review, this is a classic short story that merits the title and is one that I would politely impel people to peruse if they have not done so. Being acquainted with the plot didn’t hamper my delectation of the story and I don’t believe it will impede yours.


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