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by Patrick Tilley

Since starting my new job seven months ago, I've had (or given) no time for pleasure reading (and yes that makes me sad) until I ran across a favorite book of mine from my teen years."Fade Out" had been a favorite scifi book, and I'm happy to report it largely held up over the years.

It tells the story of our first contact with aliens.What struck me then and now as I read the book is that the aliens and their intentions remain completely obscured.Instead, the book focuses on our actions—politically, scientifically and just plain human—to comprehend the incomprehensible.

It isn't a criticism to say that very little happens in this book, at least from the perspective of the aliens.They arrive, there's some communication blackouts, they land, an exploration unit pops out and then... well, I won't give it away.But the story is really about how we react as humans.Politicians are involved, the military wants to blow it up (of course—but not without reason), scientists want to study it (of course—but not without arguing) and people around the project simply have very human (and widely varied) reactions.

I enjoyed the book a lot.Reading it makes me wonder why it hasn't been turned into a movie—Spielberg would have a field day with this material.The book is 35 years old and feels a wee bit dated as a result—the cold war is underway, the Russians are the bad guys, the energy crisis seems about to destroy our way of life, the Internet doesn't exist, the lines of communication can be controlled by befriending a couple newspaper editors, and sexism is alive and well (more than today—a man compliments a woman's knees and doesn't get slugged.)

This is an exciting, well-written book. The characters feel like real humans and it does a nice job of imagining something so alien that we can't easily understand it.If I had a complaint, it's that it starts a little slow and ends a little fast, but I was happy to reread this for a second time in my life (and I own the book, so there might be a third time another couple of decades hence.)

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