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by Diana Palmer

4.3 stars


OH God I love her so much

*deep breath*

Okay, okay I think I'm fine now. NO WAIT-

*more deep breaths*

Yeah, I think I'm okay now.

Anyways, as I was saying. GOD-DAMMIT I LOVE DIANA PALMER SO MUCH!!!! (Must. Resist. From. Adding. Another. Gif. Must. Resist.)

So last night I picked up at least five different books, which I all abandoned because GOD-DAMMIT I WANTED A HEROINE WHO ISN'T IMMATURE OR BITCHY OR DECEPTIVE, A HEROINE WHO LOVES THE HERO LIKE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED. I got so frustrated that I literally started hyperventilating. And that was when I decided -

And boy oh boy, did she give me exactly what I wanted. It was such a wonderful feeling, such an awesome breather from all the other awful heroines and plotlines!

The heroine in this one was such a sweetheart. Some people might call her a doormat, but, in fact, she was the complete opposite of one. Her quietness belied an inner strength, an ability to make it through the hardest of times and still come away unscathed. God, she was wonderful, with her kind heart and her goodness.

The hero was your typical Diana Palmer alpha-hole. And oh GOD, the sweetness of the angst he caused!!! Oh dear God. I LOVE DIANA PALMER. He was a real asshole, but the ending more than made up for it (as usual).

This book was exactly what you expect from a Diana Palmer book, with all of her famed angst and old-fashioned conventionality. The writing wasn't up to snuff, though, probably because it was one of her earleir works. Too much drama. But meh, who cares. *sigh* I love this woman. I wish that, at least once in my life, I could go and meet her .


Whoop whoop!

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