ePub Karren Brady's 10 Rules for Success ePub

by Karren Brady

I think that this book was very helpful for many reason. Firstly because it is very genuine and personal as many of the rules that Karren states in this book and the way she explains them really appealed to me and I realised that I could take something away from that and use it in life especially because she uses many examples throughout the book which can be applied to day to day life and it made me think about it and I realized that I do those things and should use the rule she is stating to fix that so in that respect it has been very helpful.

Secondly the book is very upfront and doesn't steer away from the truth so you can really learn something from it and then use that in real life situations whatever that situation might be. Despite this sometimes I saw that she often stated the obvious throughout the book and then go into much detail about it when it is well just really obvious which is where the book sometimes becomes quite boring and not as helpful but despite thata good short read that I would recommend.

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ePub Karren Brady's 10 Rules for Success
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