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by Nirad C. Chaudhuri

Few days back I found an interesting aphorism by Thales where he says dispensing advice is the easiest task on earth. I am not entirely in agreement. I think the easiest thing in the world should be attributed to "Criticizing". In case of "advising", at least the advisor has to twist his mental muscles to analyse the issue in hand and come up with a plausible even if impractical solution. But in case of "criticizing" you don't even need to exercise your brain. You just need to have a negative attitude towards everything. Screw up your nose, distort your eyebrows, and talk gibberish in flowery language - you are a satirist.

Unlike (probably) yester-years, now finding a satirist who makes fun of anything and everything under the sun, is not a difficult task. Scan through any popular blog that doesn't share only the blogger's daily routine or his great admiration of own photography skills, you will find a satirist in him/her. In today's world, fun on the expense of something is satire, isn't it?

Hence, Nirad C Chaudhuri's this book might be regarded highly when it was written, but having seen and read so many satirists everyday, I won't consider this book a classic, despite recognizing Mr Chaudhuri as one of the most sophisticated eloquent Indian authors I have come across till date.

"Do we live at all? This would seem to be an absurd question, for none of us actually commit suicide, though, to be honest, I'd confess that I've come to feel that a large majority of the persons I know should do so because I cannot see any point in their remaining alive." With this brutal introduction when Nirad C Chaudhuri started to put forth his take on life, I got myself up highly enthused in anticipation of a deep philosophical treatise. But what I got instead was a voluble discourse on how despicable, illogical and backward our Indian social and family lives are. I think he is one of the few Bengali's who have criticized the Bengali lifestyle the most. Probably fully realizing Plato's famous dictum: "The uncriticized life is not worth living"

No doubt Choudhuri was a gifted writer, but this is not his best gift to Indian literature.

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